R.I.P. Tree

You got too big.  You really didnt fit in, or even play well with the others in the yard.  You got in the way.  I’m sorry, but your time had come.

It took you well over 10 years to get as big, and as tall as you did.  One quarter of my own life span, you shared this planet with me.  I was only there for half of it, you started before I came to know you.  And in the short span of only an hour, you were nothing but pieces on my lawn, and piled into my truck and heaped into my trailer.  In only an hour, one small drip of time compared to the river of time you had grown, all that you worked for, all you had hoped to be….reaching for the sky.  Was gone, forever.  Your legacy?  Just a few small pieces of firewood that will someday warm my campsite.

And so it can be in life.  One small choice, one seemingly random decision, one odd twist of fate…..and the life we know, and have known for so long can be changed irrevocably in an instant.  The future we reached to be, worked so hard to achieve…….gone.

Choose wisely.

About Ben Phillips

Regular guy, family man.
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